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Christmas Appeal: Please Remember Every Gorilla

For 99% of all gorillas, there is little chance of peace and hope this Christmas...

For some gorillas at least, the future is looking brighter. According to the latest figures, mountain gorilla numbers have risen to almost 1,100. That’s an increase that can make us all feel more hopeful. But it also means we can never afford to drop our guard. Because while the situation this Christmas may be more hopeful for mountain gorillas, they’re very far from safe yet. They only account for one in every 100 gorillas in the wild. That means at least 99% of gorillas are still in desperate danger this Christmas… often graver danger than ever before.

A staggering six out of every ten Grauer’s gorillas have been wiped out in the last 25 years alone. Cross River gorilla numbers have fallen to only around 270. There are nowjust 11 family groups remaining. They’re the rarest great apes in the world. These are terrifying numbers. They prove beyond any doubt that unless we act right now to protect gorillas, these wonderful creatures that we all love will all be doomed within a generation. We already know how they will die. They’ll be slaughtered by illegal hunters, killed by human diseases, or even starve because the forest they depend on has been destroyed around them – clearcut for timber or torn down to grow cash crops.

Give the gift of hope this Christmas

Without your help, gorillas will soon be a thing of the past. We’re bringing hope for the mountain gorilla – though we can never, ever afford to stop our work even for a single day. We have the expertise, the determination, and the knowledge. All we need is the funding. Will you please help make sure we have the funds we need to protect all gorillas?


Over the past 40 years, we’ve proved that we can protect gorillas. Against the odds, we’ve managed to stop the mountain gorilla from being wiped out – for the time being at least. We’ve even succeeded in enabling their numbers to rise. We’ve proved there is hope. It’s taken a huge amount of effort. And a massive amount of money. And it’s all been worth it. But it only affects one per cent of all the gorillas who need us.

Now we know exactly what we need to do to protect all gorillas. We must keep up our work with mountain gorillas and use our approach to help save all the other species and sub-species from extinction. It will be hard, make no mistake about it. It will take time. And there will be setbacks along the way. But together, we can succeed.

Please give your support to all gorillas this Christmas and help bring that success closer