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Children for Sustainable Conservation

Encouraging children who live near the gorillas to love the environment can change their nations' conservation efforts, creating the forest-friendly farmers, conservationists, artists and eco-tour operators of tomorrow.

The Gorilla Organization’ Denis Agabe has just spoken to 128 students in Kisoro, Uganda, about our mission: “The students wanted to know how Congo’s young people can get involved in conservation and how their local communities can benefit from the gorillas through tourism. They pledged to do whatever they can.”

Our innovative pedal powered cinemas allow us to show educational films to children in some of the most remote communities. Children are invited to write poems, direct their own plays, paint, sing about environmental conservation, and plant trees that will grow into a green buffer to protect the gorillas’ natural habitat.

Our staff work tirelessly, visiting schools in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo  to show films, give talks and distribute our Digit News newsletters as they work to create the gorilla guardians of tomorrow.

Our success so far

  • 1,135 children directly benefited from this project
  • Innovative pedal-powered cinemas visited four schools
  • Six fruit trees were planted in schools
  • Six schools took excursions to learn about the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park
  • Excursions included four deaf children and one blind child
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