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New Mountain Gorilla Baby Born in Bwindi

A new baby means Raha's extended family continues to grow

One of the adult females in Raha’s wider family circle has welcomed a new baby.

Raha, the adopted gorilla of the Gorilla Organization’s generous supporters, has seen a lot of social comings and goings over the past few years as the wild mountain gorilla groups of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest have divided up and merged. New mum Rotary has spent some time alongside Raha in the Bweza group while also settling into the Mishaya group.

Rangers patrolling the Bwindi forests have confirmed that mother and baby are doing well, though they have yet to get close enough to determine if the latest arrival is male or female. This is a second infant for 15-year-old Rotary. The birth also means that 35-year-old Shida has become a grandmother for the first time.

Under the close leadership of silverback Mishaya, all of the group are staying close to the new baby, and mother Rotary has been comfortable enough to let tourists come close.

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