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Rangers in Desperate Last Stand to Keep Gorillas Safe

Rangers are camping out in the forests to keep gorillas safe. But they are running low on supplies, and need help to stay the course

The second wave of the pandemic has hit Africa. And it has hit hard.

In the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda, rangers are so terrified of the destruction COVID-19 could wreak on gorillas, that more than 400 of them have self-isolated in the forest.

They’re right to be frightened: there’s been reports of outbreaks almost at the very gates of the reserve, and in recent days, two rangers have tragically died from the virus.

These are tough, resilient rangers. They’re not worrying about what might happen to them. They routinely face down armed poachers – and they’re all ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for gorillas. But they know that it might only take contact with a single infected human to destroy the whole gorilla population. A population they’ve dedicated their lives to bringing back from the very brink of extinction. They’re not going to let that happen.

The Gorilla Organization’s Project Manager in DR Congo Henry Cirhuza is keeping his team and their families safe. But he is growing increasingly worried. He says:

Rangers are not immune to the virus. They are dying too. They and their families urgently need help. Please help us get food and emergency supplies to rangers and their families now. Because without rangers, I fear the gorillas could be destroyed forever.”


Will you help buy and deliver emergency food rations for rangers?

With your support, we can leave emergency rations at the edge of the reserve. We’ll be providing sacks of beans and Posho – a highly nutritious rice-based food – for the rangers. Once the sacks have been left long enough to destroy any possible traces of contamination from COVID-19, the rangers can collect them.

This way, they can stay in the forest for as long as they need – without ever having any contact with people from outside their ‘bubble’. Please make a donation to help protect them today.

Read the Gorilla Rangers in Danger Appeal. And please be as generous as you can.

Thank you.