Our Patrons & Trustees

President Emeritus

  • Stanley Johnson


  • Baroness Chalker of Wallasey
  • Gordon Buchanan
  • Michael Backes
  • Prof Richard Dawkins
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Daryl Hannah
  • James Lewis
  • Dr Nathan Myhrvold
  • The Hon. Mrs Claire Ward


  • Ian Redmond OBE (chairman)
  • Bishu Chakraborty
  • Steve Crossman
  • Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka
  • Giles Clarke
  • Spencer J Phillips
  • Professor Stuart Semple
  • Belinda Wakeling

Our Staff

Matt Smithers

Marketing Consultant London

Matt has delivered  global award-winning marketing campaigns to challenge animal welfare issues, raising vital funds, and working to build a more compassionate future for wildlife.

Jillian Miller

Executive Director London, UK

Jillian Miller has been leading The Gorilla Organization since 1992 and is the founder of its award-winning community-led conservation programmme.

Dr Samson Werikhe

Rwanda and Uganda Programmes Manager Kisoro, Uganda

Samson is a regional expert in the links between great ape conservation and poverty alleviation and contributes his experience and knowledge to our field projects.

Henry Cirhuza

Congolese Programme Manager Goma, DR Congo

Henry has steered the Congolese programme through some of the most unstable times of the country’s history. As a respected expert in the link between the survival of gorillas and the development of the nearby communities, he oversees a number of our projects, including our ambitious tree-planting work.

Regina Sanyu

Uganda Field Officer Kisoro, Uganda

Regina is our very own Key Farmer Trainer, helping communities become less reliant on the gorilla habitat. So far, she has trained around 11,000 farmers in sustainable and organic gorilla-friendly agriculture.

Tuver Wundi

Communications Manager Goma, DR Congo

Tuver is an experienced journalist and conservationist. He has been working with The Gorilla Organization since 1999, spreading the message of gorilla conservation through local and global media.

David Hewitt

UK Communications Manager London, UK

David looks after the Gorilla Organization’s publications – including the Digit News newsletter – he also works with the media to make sure the plight of the gorillas is always in the news.